Team Small Batch is not your average race team.  We come to you as a small group of individuals who care deeply about cycling. We enjoy riding, racing, and advocating for the local, the traditional, the sustainable. We believe in the importance of locally grown food, hand craftsmanship, and quality relationships. We aspire to support those who make our community a better place to live.

With an emphasis on the handmade local process, we aim to tap back into the soul of bike racing while creating a refreshing new tradition of community. Team Small Batch is dedicated to engaging and supporting local companies and craftsmen in our team building efforts.  In creating relationships between local businesses and the tens of thousands of dedicated bike racers in Boulder, we hope to create a stronger, more sustainable, more vibrant community and cycling culture.

Our goal for the season is to race our bikes hard, to promote our local community, to share the fun with everyone, to be ambassadors of the bike, and to leave the sport better than we found it.

We eat local.
We shop local.
We ride local.
We are Team Small Batch.

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