Boulder Cup

This year the Cup hit the calendar earlier than normal and for those racing in the afternoon, presented some challenges with hydration. TSB delivered a great showing with 8 racers toeing the line bringing home 2 podium finishes (JB Brockman 1st in the SW4’s & Evan Fry 5th in the SM35+ 3’s), 2 top 15 finishes (Aaron Barcheck and John Schoofs in the SM3’s) and standup mid field finishes for the rest of the crew. This event is one where TSB takes an opportunity to give back to the racing community as well and promptly following the SM Open event began a full course tear down. One really gets a chance to take in the magnitude of work required to set up a course and I wish we kept a count on the number of stakes and yards of tape that we collected. I think we’d all acknowledge that it’s A LOT and we thank DBC Events (and all the other promoters during the year) for their under appreciated effort to provide us with courses so we can do what we like to do

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