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Austin CX Natz course revealed

Sure, it’s only early October but is it too early to start thinking about CX Nationals? We think not!

CX Nationals

Boulder Cup

This year the Cup hit the calendar earlier than normal and for those racing in the afternoon, presented some challenges with hydration. TSB delivered a great showing with 8 racers toeing the line bringing home 2 podium finishes (JB Brockman 1st in the SW4’s & Evan Fry 5th in the SM35+ 3’s), 2 top 15 finishes (Aaron Barcheck and John Schoofs in the SM3’s) and standup mid field finishes for the rest of the crew. This event is one where TSB takes an opportunity to give back to the racing community as well and promptly following the SM Open event began a full course tear down. One really gets a chance to take in the magnitude of work required to set up a course and I wish we kept a count on the number of stakes and yards of tape that we collected. I think we’d all acknowledge that it’s A LOT and we thank DBC Events (and all the other promoters during the year) for their under appreciated effort to provide us with courses so we can do what we like to do

CX Nats Gallery

TSB Cat 3 trio – CX Nats introspective

Barcheck, Lee & Getter from George Cave Thomas on Vimeo.

Why do you love cross? Here’s what The Fury has to say.

Heather McKernan from George Cave Thomas on Vimeo.

‘Lil Ant Michelle Bliss talks cross during warmup

Michele Bliss from George Cave Thomas on Vimeo.

Chris Hall talks Day 1 of CX Nats

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2013 Year In Review

Mid Season Recap


Frisco CX, Growing Gardens and Boulder Cup Recap

Wow! Between volunteering and racing, this weekend was jam-packed. We cannot thank you enough for your positive presence and overall awesomeness at Growing Gardens and the Boulder Cup! Some of you gave an enormous amount of time this weekend to ensure that we could all have fun as a team, THANK YOU!
Here are more updates and accolades:
Frisco CX:
We had six racers participate last weekend at a snowy and fun course in Frisco. John Bliss started the morning in the SM 55+ category before having to pull-out of the race due to not feeling well. We know this is always hard and we’re glad you’re feeling better, John!
Liz and Heather raced SW3s category in beautiful, bone-chilling weather. Liz finished 2nd after getting the hole shot for the first time ever and Heather claims she’ll never race again after having technical difficulties with her cleats freezing up. Liz swears to never let Heather get out of racing Frisco. 
Aaron and Chris raced in SM4 category in the afternoon, at which time the course looked a bit different than the snow-covered single track race the morning racers experienced. Aaron had a top-ten finish and Chris commented that he doesn’t feel as bad as at the beginning of the season. I’d say that’s success overall!
John Schoofs finished 6th in SM4s at Frisco and we think he’s just a few more strong races away from needing to cat up himself. He’s been looking solid all season!
Growing Gardens:
A BIG THANK YOU to Lisa, Liz, Heather, Aaron, Zach, Michele (Zach’s wife), Christine, Chris, John S., Kevin, and Garrett for volunteering on Saturday morning at the garden. We helped to spread rye seeds, weed, spread mulch over the children’s peace garden and, of course, snagged a few more peanut butter and coconut packets once we were done.  Working in the garden continues to be a highlight of our work as a team and I think we all enjoyed ourselves and I know we helped Growing Gardens by finishing some end-of-the-season chores.
Boulder Cup:
We had 10 TSB racers start on Sunday! 
SW4 racer Christine wasexcited to get miles on her brand new Ti Mosaic, but was out after the first lap because she put major wattage down and broke the derailleur!
SW3 racers Heather and Liz started strong. Heather’s mechanical problems caught up with her near the end of the race when he cleat detached from her shoe, and unfortunately she had to DNF.  Liz was able to snag a 4th place finish. 
SW35+ racer JB raced for the second time this season. Luckily her work on the tennis court and mtb trails keep her strong, and she finished in 13th place!DSC_0863
SM4 racers John S, Garrett G and Kevin B had great races. A small zipper snafu that kept Garrett baring his manly chest hair during most of the race and all three gents gave it their all on this technical course. John finished in 9th place, Garrett in 18th and Kevin in 43rd. This was one of the biggest fields of the day with over 60 riders, nice job guys!
SM3 racers Aaron, Zach, Scott and Chris commanded attention from the crowd during the race. Aaron, Zach and Scott were all a part of the lead group for the first lap or so, it was super cool to hear the announcer say their names and give a nod to Team Small Batch as having so many teammates together in the front. Aaron battled to keep his position near the front and finished in 5th place. Scott, Zach and Chris each had great races and all looked strong as they finished the race. I think these guys will soon dominate the category…stay tuned. 
And, if racing and heckling wasn’t enough, we had many individuals stick around afterwards to help clean up the course. THANK YOU JB, Liz, Heather, Aaron, Zach, Scott, John S, Garrett, and Kevin! See the below message from Jerry and Chris and know that your efforts were appreciated!
Updated Stats for Our Season So Far: 
13 – Number of cross races that TSB has been present at already this year!
62 – Number of total TSB race starts
6 – TSB podiums!!!
17 – Top ten finishes (not including the podium finishes)
Volunteer Hours (estimates):
60 hours – Growing Gardens
24 hours – Boulder Cup
Other Updates/News:
We know that for many individuals of the TSB family that the last several weeks have been difficult. The loss of Amy D was/is especially devastating for many of our teammates and our friends. A big thank you to the support you have offered to those who need it during this difficult time. We will continue to find ways to bring her spirit with us throughout the season and beyond. 
Looking Ahead:
This weekend we will be at the Cross of the North race on Saturday. The TSB tent will be set up and we will have a lot of food that was left over from last weekend, so come up and race! 
Zombie Cross is Sunday, Oct. 27th which should be a fun time to get a little silly and dress up like your favorite dead person.
There are many races in November and we’ll keep you in the loop about ones that we’ll have TSBers at. 

Hope you made it through this very long list of awesome things we’re up to! Have a great week and hope to see many of you on Saturday!
Liz and Team Small Batch
Below a THANK YOU from Jerry Natale and Chris Grealish for those of you who stuck it out with us after the race on Sunday to break down:

I wanted to send out a note of gratitude to the groups and individuals who contributed to breaking down the course and venue on Sunday night.

Big ups to everybody for the super pro effort.  Nice work and thanks for the fantastic performance,
Thanks for signing on early andall the up to the day of the event.
Your commitments made a huge impact on the event’s overall success.  In knowing that we had the numbers needed for tear down I was able to direct my efforts toward securing the number of positions needed for the earlier shifts.
So, thank you again and hope everyone enjoys a great season of racing. 
Jerry Natale and Chris Grealish

Team Small Batch

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